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Meet Your Coach

Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach


Katrina Watson, RN, NBC-HWC


It takes energy, agility and ability to thrive in today's environments of relentless change.

I have techniques to share with you if you are a woman interested in revising current behaviors in a healthy and empowered way that will lead to benefits in your personal and professional life.


My journey in healthcare began over 30 years ago.

When I decided to pivot my career and focus on better balance, reduced stress and less "overwhelm", I discovered a whole new path to health and fulfillment.

I have the great privilege of being in conversations with women in a variety of industry backgrounds from across the globe. The common theme they share is the desire for energy, motivation and to reduce the effects of stress. 

I look forward to joining you on your journey of moving from "what's the matter" to "what matters". 

What I Can Do For You

I provide techniques that elevate this short list:

  • Improved clarity, communication and listening

  • Stress management

  • A healthier and powerful work presence

  • Improvement in the ways you "show up" for yourself and others

Let's Build Healthier Professional & Personal Relationships

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