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Meet Your Coach

Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach


Katrina Watson, RN, NBC-HWC



Sometimes we need guidance to awaken the thriving life inside.  Katrina Watson is a global health coach, and she offers individual and group coaching that strengthens your capacity to feel alive and thrive.

By the end of your sessions you will have a wide range of tools to transform your life from the foundation up. 

After 30 years of practicing as a registered nurse educator she decided to transition her career. During exploration she discovered a new career, and better health.  

Her work focuses on women’s health, self-motivation, type 2 diabetes prevention, and educator success.

What I Can Do For You

I help people create insight, identify challenges, and learn about themselves so that they can move toward their thriving life. The path toward a thriving life starts with a single first step. My role as a coach is not about giving you advice or making specific recommendations. Coaching is intended to guide you to your vision for personal wellness in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey. I’m the guide to help you discover what works for you. 

It's Time to Live the Life You Were Meant to Live!

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