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You have the solution to a thriving life inside of you!

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We'll Co-Create an Action Plan

Deciding where to start with health goals can be overwhelming. We help reduce the stress of deciding where to start by having a 15 minute discovery call to determine the right coaching package for you.

Coaching Packages:

  • Managing A Chronic Condition With Whole Person Health- 6 weeks $250

  • Designing Your Midlife Personal Wellness Plan-4 weeks $99

I was struggling with a stagnant career in healthcare when I met Katrina. She guided me through my career transition. Ultimately, she helped me discover both professional and personal strengths and taught me how to use those strengths to achieve my career goals.  I have a rewarding career that incorporates beauty and health as a nurse practitioner in a medical esthetics practice.
Shelia S.
West Virginia

Image by Centre for Ageing Better

Today is the Day You Create a Successful Plan for Your Life!

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